Civil Partnerships

Civil partnerships are conducted by a civil partnership registrar and must be witnessed by two people.

For a Civil Partnership, a couple must be:

  • of the same sex
  • over 18 (or provide evidence of consent if aged 16 or 17)
  • not related to each other
  • not in an existing marriage or civil partnership.

To arrange a Civil Partnership in Cardiff:

  • you need to give notice of your intention to register at the Register Office
  • you will need to reserve a time slot for your ceremony. This can be up to two years in advance
  • pay the statutory fee for giving notice of intention

After 15 clear days of giving notice you can register your partnership by signing a civil partnership schedule in front of the registrar and your two witnesses.

There is also a single fee for the formation of the civil partnership.

Find out about planning your ceremony.

You don’t need to have a ceremony to form a civil partnership, however, if you are booking the St David’s Room or one of our approved venues we offer choices of ceremony to help make the day really special.

Converting Civil Partnerships

You can convert your civil partnership into a marriage at the register office.

You’ll get a marriage certificate, dated when your civil partnership was formed.

Find out about costs to convert a civil partnership

What you need

You will need to sign a ‘conversion into marriage’ declaration. Make an appointment to do this with the superintendent registrar at the register office.

You will need your original civil partnership certificate and your ID.

Converting with a ceremony

You can choose to celebrate the conversion of your civil partnership to marriage by arranging a ceremony with us.

If you decide to book the St. David’s room, St. Dwynwen’s room or one of our many approved venues we offer a choice of ceremonies to complete your special day.

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